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Wellness Services

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Personal One on One Virtual Counseling 

With virtual one on one personal coaching, we will work together, through secure video or telephone consultations, to:

  • Establish a foundation and starting point for change

  • Navigate how food fits in your personal mental wellness journey

  • Develop a personalized care plan

  • Set SMART goals

  • Discuss and work through barriers and celebrate successes

6-Week Nourished Minds Group Program

Sometimes it is nice to know that we are not alone. 


This comprehensive group coaching program is designed to help you establish a solid foundation for lasting lifestyle changes that will support you throughout your mental wellness journey in a safe and supportive group environment.


Coorporate Services

Mental health is a huge component of workplace wellness.


I offer virtual and in-person wellness workshops and presentations, to groups and organizations where I discuss how food impacts mental health and provide practical, information, and actionable items that can be used to improve mental health and productivity. 

I also provide freelance services for written media. I am always eager to provide my professional opinion and discuss emerging hot topics in nutrition. My sense of humor combined with evidence-based real-talk is the perfect mix for the delivery of relatable and practical health and wellness messages. 

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Contact me for a no-obligation phone consultation where we can:


✓  Outline how the process works

✓  Discuss your goal(s) and expectations

✓  Explain how billing and pricing work

✓  Address concerns about insurance

✓  Answer any other questions

Please Note: I am based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and provide virtual nutrition counselling to a number of individuals across the country. Virtual services are limited to residents of NS, NL, NB, MB, and SK.

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