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Nourishing your Body and Mind

Over the past decade, many research studies have revealed the powerful connection between the food we eat and our mental health. This connection is both complex and bi-directional, meaning that not only can the food we eat impact how we feel, but how we feel can also influence our food choices

There are multiple avenues through which the food we eat can impact our mental health, including:

  • Vitamin or mineral deficiencies

  • Inadequate macronutrient (carbs, protein, and fat) intake

  • Increased oxidative stress

  • Inflammation of the gut and brain

  • Non-Diabetic hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

  • Abnormal gut function or compromised microbiome

  • Hormonal regulation


Similarly, there are many ways in which our mental state can influence our eating behaviors, such as:  

  • Lack of motivation to plan, shop for or prepare meals.

  • Overwhelm and inability to make food decisions.

  • Medication side effects (change in appetite, weight, dry mouth, etc.).

  • Dysregulated eating (obsessive thinking about food, restriction, binging, etc.)

  • Forgetting to eat, oversleeping, or skipping meals (reduced meal frequency and intake; can result in binging)

  • Digestive discomfort due to changing eating patterns and stress.

At The Daily Grind Nutrition,  I meet my clients where they are in their mental health journey and work with them to navigate how their food choices, dietary patterns, and lifestyle behaviors may be impacting their mental health and vice versa. Together we establish a functional nutrition care plan to help them reclaim their joy and restore wellness to the body and mind.

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